Welcome to geistreich (inspired),
the Church’s web-based forum!

What you can do and expect:

  • At geistreich you will find space where you can exchange experience and knowledge with others.
  • geistreich is offered by the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) to professionals and volunteers working in the protestant churches all over Europe and allows them to share their store of clever ideas, successful projects and practical knowledge with others.
  • This can be done on geistreich in three areas:
    • idea space - an area for questions and ideas. Here you can ask questions, answer those of others and develop ideas together.
    • experience space – a collection of experience reports (examples of good practice in the church). Here you can read and comment on reports made by others or present your own projects.
    • knowledge space – a lexicon of church knowledge and experience. Here you can write summary articles and develop model projects with others.
  • By the way: you will find in all three areas the sentence „What you can do and expect“. This will lead you to a longer explanation. The FAQ „Frequently Asked Questions“ are found as a footnote.
  • Have fun sharing and expanding your church knowledge and experience!
ideenreich Ideen

idea space

idea space – the forum for questions and ideas
Here you can develop ideas together, get hints and ask questions.

erfahrungsreich Erfahrung

experience space

experience space - The collection of examples of good practice.
Here you will find experience reports of successful churchly projects and you can add such as well.

wissensreich Wissen

knowledge space

knowledge space – the encyclopaedia of churchly knowledge.
This is the core of the platform, a kind of Wikipedia of churchly innovation. Together with other users you can collect, reflect and develop the knowledge from the parishes.