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Blütenlese Ausgabe 2

Since Pentecost 2010 geistreich exists. In the meantime 8662 registered users participate and every day more people join in. 2175 Examples of good practice and 462 encyclopaedia articles have been published. The bulletin Blütenlese regularly presents a nice small selection of articles and up-to-date information from the community — as an appetizer.
You can enjoy the Blütenlese alone, or share it with others. Maybe you can print some copies and distribute them to other persons who work in your church at your next meeting.

The geistreich- team wants to wish you much reading pleasure !

P.S.: You can open the issue by clicking the PDF-symbol (to the right of this text).

In dieser zweiten Ausgabe der geistreich-Zeitung stellen wir Ihnen das Team hinter den Kulissen vor und natürlich reichlich Informationen von der Plattform selbst. Eine gute Lektüre!

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