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Inspired by the Luther Decade and the 60th anniversary of the Martin Luther Church, the congregation sends its namesake in the form of a statue across Toronto and the GTA.

Situation / context

We are a vibrant bilingual parishfounded in 1955 by German immigrants from Europe. Our members live in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Guests are always welcome at our tables.



Our project aims to encourage questions and reflection.
Who was this man?
Why do we call ourselves the Martin Luther Church?
What makes him so special?


Reflection / background

Martin Luther reformed church and society to bring God to all people.

As a fun conversation starter we carry the 1 meter man (statue) around the city and talk about the work of Martin Luther. Public relations at its finest.


General information on realization

On December 15, 2014 Martin Luther came to Toronto.  For its 60th anniversary, the Martin Luther Church will send a statue of its namesake across Toronto and the GTA. Every Sunday Martin Luther is picked up for a new trip, at the church on 2379 Lake Shore Boulevard West. People who take him will have to take a picture of their trip and introduce the Reformer to people who do not know him yet. By carrying this one meter statue around it’s easy to get in contact with new people.

Since his arrival at Pearson International Airport the sculpture has worked well as a facilitator for interesting discussions about the life and work of the German reformer whose 95 Theses posted on the Castle Church in Wittenberg became the starting point for most of the Protestant churches. To this day, his thoughts have inspired many people, in particular the central discovery of Reformation theology that God’s loving care “by grace alone” heals and revives people.

The Luther ambassador was previously part of the installation “Martin Luther: Here I stand” which replaced the Luther Memorial in the town square in Wittenberg for a month in 2010. From August 14th to September 12th, 2010 the artist Ottmar Hoerl arranged 800 Luther ambassadors instead of the monument in the middle of town. Subsequently, the ambassadors were set in motion. Like the ideas of the Reformation, the Martin Luther statue provokes discussions all over the world. An interactive map on the website traces the ambassadors.



Order a Luther Ambassador and set parameters.

More Info found and


Get in touch with a congregation who already owns a Luther Ambassador to extend Martin Luther's travel experiences.


The project was introduced in the church newsletter. A weekly calendar for sign up was placed in the foyer. Each person who takes the Luther Ambassador home gets a handout with agreed upon parameters.

 1. keep for one week
 2. take Photos
 3. introduce to people


Wrap up & follow-up actions

Parameter can be extended and become a competition. For example:
• Who manages to introduce Martin Luther to the Prime Minister?
• Who will take the Luther ambassador to the Pan American Games?


Effect / experience

Participants are highly motivated to show Martin Luther an unforgettable week and the best pictures to the congregation.

Adopted and refined

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