Thematic groups

church service

ecclesiastical year

pastoral care and occasional church ceremonies

education and tuition

deacon service and society

culture and sacred music

special forms of parishes

mission and member loyalty

the public and the media

leading and guiding

administration, construction, maintenance



Welcome to social space,
the group area on geistreich!

What you can do and expect:

  • Create groups on different topics where you can discuss a certain topic with other group members and decide upon its content.
  • Exchange ideas in the group‘s experience reports.
  • Find and edit parishes or institutions to get an idea of what is going on in a certain region.

Groups on geistreich are always visible to all registered geistreich members. A group’s public content can be read by all geistreich members. If you want to be an active part of a group (in discussions or to add content), you have to become a member of that group. Go to the group and click on become a member. Depending upon how the group was set up by the group moderators, your request will then be reviewed or immediately accepted. Then it may be possible to see the group’s private content.

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Logged-in members of geistreich will see their groups here.

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